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One of the most helpful tips I’ve heard on my quest to live as happily as possible is that we think we act because of the way we feel. When the truth is we feel as a result of how we act. There are days I know it’s o.k. to play hooky and hang out in my P.J.’s all day long then I have those days where I know I should get myself in gear, get up, get dressed head to toe so that I’ll be ready to face the day and these days are usually days when I’m feeling at my lowest. What are some tips that you have that help you feel your most productive?

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One thought on “happiness research

  1. My main tip I’ve been using for a while now is to live in the present moment. Don’t think of what will come afterwards, of the annoying work… etc… just live NOW. Live when you wake up and appreciate the sun rising… live when you sip your hot comforting coffee… don’t wonder about the future🙂

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